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Re: Auxlang and world peace

From:Bryan Maloney <bjm10@...>
Date:Thursday, November 18, 1999, 16:18
On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, abrigon wrote:

> I will agree that having the same lingo does not mean common peace. I do > know that if the two sides are willing to learn a new auxlang then they
Name any two nations that have put forth any concerted policy to learn an Auxlang.
> And sadly the troops who tried to bring about peace in the trenches were > threatened by their governments with death if they did not kill the > enemy.. So basically it is not the common persons who want the wars, it
That isn't why most of them fought--maybe some of the French mutineers were fighting for that reason, but the soldiers of Germany and Britain SANG as they went to war.
> Maybe that is what creating an Auxlang is all about, helping people > communicate, to break down the barriers of ignorance, of lack of knowing > that they are not alone.I think if the common soldiers had realized how > much support they would have gotten from the other side, to see beyond
They didn't need ANY shared language to do that. Don't you remember the Christmas between the Trenches?