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German dialects was: Re: Tsuhon: tentative phonology

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Sunday, April 29, 2001, 4:50
Well I hope this hasn't been boring the faces off everyone...

I now have the sentences from a Berliner:

1. jUd_0n dax

2. vi: je:ts d6

3. vat maxt daen jUN@

4. ik ha j@he:rt de:6 hat zIC dEt be:n j@broxn=

5. zo: de:6 darf So:n bal@ vi:d6 lo:fn=

6. dEt mUs n= dOx a:b6 zIC6 se:r@ ve: j@ta:n ham

7. zOna:mt ham v6 me:n@ SvEst6 b@zu:xt

8. di: Is o:x kraNk j@ve:zn=

9. jEts je:t @t i:6 a:b6 So:n vi:d@ bEs6

10. vi: v6 jEst6n a:mt sUrIkj@kOm zInt da: ham di: an6n So:n int bEd@
j@le:j@n Un fEst@ j@pEnt

11. dEt va:r So:n ze:r@ Spe:d_0@

12. e:n SlECt@t vEt6 hatn= v6

13. dEt hat j@Sne:t

14. de6 Sne: Is zOja:r li:jn j@bli:bm= Un Is e:rSt haet@ mo:rjn= j@SmOlsn=

15. di: bao6n ham Svaen@ Oksn ki:@ ham@l un lEm6 Ufj@dri:bm= di: vOl= ze

16. daen bru:d6 vIl In ae6n jard_0n= e:n6 nae@ Saen@ bao@n

Some interesting features in here I note, like the [g] > [j] change, final
[t] hasn't gone to [s]. Also interesting is [j@pEnt] and [Ufj@dri:bm=]

Ferenc Gy. Valoczy

Suurt chugunikka peene ahjo suhe et toukka.

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