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Syntax Problem; Please Help

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Sunday, April 29, 2001, 4:50
    All right, I ran into a problem with one of my OVS languages and relative
clause formation.  It's a fully inflectional language like Latin with
thirteen cases.  Anyway, for relative clauses I was influenced by (I think)
Zapotec, in which they have a normal sentence, and then to the last word of
that sentence (which is always a verb) they attach a definite article and an
inflectional ending and then have that whole sentence act as a noun in the
larger sentence:
    I a bird have(DEF.ACC.) he shot.  (He shot the bird I have)
    Anyway, so I wanted to do something similar for my language, but syntax
is not my strong suit, and I've become hopelessly lost in trying to translate
a story I wrote.  I had no problem with sentences like this one:
    "The queen who has a boat ate an apple."
    A boat has the queen (relative pronoun with a nominitive ending) an apple
ate she.
    Then I ran into the following sentence (simplified to its essential
    "Jon, whose heart was soft, noticed the situation".
    Now, how would I put that into an OVS language?  I seem to have come up
with an answer, but it doesn't make sense...  Oh, I remember!  I said that
the relative clause always has to come first, and that the relative particle
always has to come after the relative clause.  I assume I had a reason for
saying that...  Can anyone help?  Or do I need to state this in better words?
 (I'm distracted at present...)