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Swear Grammar

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Sunday, December 15, 2002, 20:17
Emaelivpahr Danny Wier:
>Oh no problem, go right ahead! I was just wondering what "swear grammar" >would be like. It seemed like the second person familar form(s) would be a >good candidate. An anti-honorific if you will.
"The grasslands are turning greener*." |Jhor'saea t'esec gir'tua.| This is a common phrase said during the spring. It's got about as much conversational content as the question "How's the weather?" but does express that the speaker is feeling hopeful or happy. |Ghegh gir'tua saea.| |ghegh...| is the vulgar equivalent of the |jhor'...te...| construction. (Which replaces the English verb "to be" when it's used to esentially say A=B, as in "I am Arthaey." This would be changed to "I=Arthaey" and then translated to "Jhor'ai t'Arthaey." Note that "te" contracts to "t'".) So the sentence |Ghegh gir'tua saea| is grammatically equivalent to |Jhor'saea t'esec gir'tua|, but the form is different: "ghegh A B" vs "jhor A te B". I think this would end up being a vulgar reference about someone's female relative that they were looking fertile/attractive. Of course, simply saying someone's sister is attractive can be a compliment, but saying "Hey man, your sister's hot" can potentially get you in trouble. ;) I'm not sure if I'll have all grammatically equivalent constructions turn into idioms, or if some of them will keep more or less the same literal meaning and just be vulgar in style. Comments? -- AA * For now, let's just assume that the default plant-color is green. I haven't done any serious, scientific-based world-building so I don't know what color the plants will really turn out to be.