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Re: CHAT: Contractions in colloquial German (was: Re: articles)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 1, 2005, 20:41

Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...> writes:
>... > Since I called this thread "Contractions in colloquial > German", here's a list of other contractions I could > observe myself and my environment to use. I think most of > these contractions are commonly found in many regions: >...
I have most of them and specialities from my own native dialect. The only one I don't have is 'mir' for 'wir' -- we don't do that, but may dialect, of course, do.
> ObConlang: Anyone did something like that for their > conlangs? ...
I used some of the typical contractions of colloquial High German to figure out how Da Mätz de Basa would sound like. I'll think more about that when I elaborate that language. **Henrik