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A Modest (And Tentative) Proposal

Date:Sunday, March 26, 2000, 18:13
An idea has been presenting itself to me of late, so I thought I'd toss it out
there and see if it's at all feasible. It is, simply, a conlang/conculture
journal (the printed-on-dead-trees kind). What I envision would be almost a
reader's forum, where pretty much anyone could contribute. Content might
consist of grammar fragments, essays on aspects of concultures, how-to guides
to various aspects of language (like the Lexical Semantics file that used to be
online somewhere), &c. --A forum for more formal and extensive (not to mention
permanent) versions of the stuff we discuss on these lists.

So my questions are: first, would you buy it? Looking at local print shops, I
think a 64-page 8.5x5.5 journal could be produced fo about $5/issue postpaid in
the US, with postage varying for international orders. And secondly, would you
contribute (perhaps in return for a free copy)?

This is a tentative idea, and while I've put some thought into it by no means do I
have all the kinks ironed out. But I thought that before I look into it
further, I'd see if there's any interest.

Please respond directly to my address unless you feel otherwise inclined.