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Namyuan (was RE: schedule)

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Sunday, March 26, 2000, 19:23
Gzreimbz Gkhambu (James Campell):
> anda un naliu [And wrote:]
> > ObConlang: The spelling of the conlang Namyuan [Dabj@], formerly > > Ajitolujan [jaTOjHa] (h = inverted h), was fixed when the language was > > young. The pronunciation subsequently changed massively over the years, > > in the course of it being quotidianly spoken in the head of its inventor; > > but the spelling remained the same, with the result that it approximates > > or exceeds the obscurity of French orthography. Further, rules that had > > formerly been phonological in nature became morphologized, as the > > phonological conditions vanished through change. The results are that, as > > is also seen with some natlangs, the morphology makes more sense when > > formulated orthographically than phonologically. > > It appeals to me that this is the work of someone scarely even an amateur > > linguistician, and that the complexity and character of the language > > results from its evolution in real time, an accelerated form of natlang > > change. > > Ah, I've been meaning to ask about this for ages. Thanks for the reminder. > (Goes off on web search...)
There is absolutely nothing on the web. Though, someone (John Cowan?) recently mentioned a conlang archive whose first item was a posting from me of a Dhamiathua paternoster. Dhamiathua was a dialect of Yathoyua which I invented, but is rather insipid; it lacks the perverse and living jizz of the original language, the quality a conlang gets from an inventor who inhabits it over a long period and thereby shapes it, like a shoe, so that it is moulded to the shape of their own self. I do have an old translation of the Babel Text in Namyuan, with IIRC, renditions in standard orthography, in rough and ready phonemic representation and in broad phonetic transcription. At the time I made it, four years ago, I think, I had the creator's permission to post it Conlang. Maybe I should post it, though these days, unlike in days of yore, there is on Conlang no dearth of text written in conlangs. At any rate, I'll try to remember to copy it off my other home's PC & post it hither. --And.