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Re: A Modest (And Tentative) Proposal

Date:Saturday, April 15, 2000, 1:26
The idea generated soe interest, but not enough to really support such a project.
As of now, it's pretty much dead unless there's a lot of new interest.

I thought I'd sent an email explaining this to everyone who expressed interest
(including yourself), but it seems to have been lost in the aether.

eli .
gone to croatan
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Some weeks ago, ishmael@POCKETMAIL.COM came up with the following

>An idea has been presenting itself to me of late, so I thought I'd >toss it out there and see if it's at all feasible. It is, simply, >a conlang/conculture journal (the printed-on-dead-trees kind). What >I envision would be almost a reader's forum, where pretty much anyone >could contribute. Content might consist of grammar fragments, essays >on aspects of concultures, how-to guides to various aspects of >language (like the Lexical Semantics file that used to be online >somewhere), &c. --A forum for more formal and extensive (not to >mention permanent) versions of the stuff we discuss on these lists.
-----<snip>----- What's the latest on this proposal? -kristian- 8)