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Re: New language grammar--what needs work?

From:Taka Tunu <takatunu@...>
Date:Sunday, December 4, 2005, 12:18
veritosproject@GMAIL.COM wrote:
Because this is an agglutinating language.> And why not use nouns instead? This isn't designed to be simple. It's an (soon-to-be)artlang, not a log/eng/auxlang.
> > "I sit @ now @ the underneath of the chair @ the outside of the house and I
> @ the past @ (the midst of) mud @ the (surface of) the road @ the proximity of > the forest." > > µ. >>>>
I was not intent on going there. Rather, I read once a book with several Papuan language grammars and some "agglu(tinative)native" ones had interesting mandatory spacial and dispositional(?) auxiliary verbs like "to stand by", "to lie down", "to stoop" that were mandatory with any verb and combined with space nouns. µ.