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migjan laggvage (my language)

From:Reilly Schlaier <schlaier@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 23, 2005, 0:01
well since i dont really know what the protocol for submitting my lingua i
will just some stuff down. and please dont think to badly of it, seeing as
it is a work in progress and mostly i would like help with it.
a=a e=e i=i o=o u=u y=y
aa=a: ee=E ii=I oo=Q uu=u:
au=&U ai=ay
p=p b=b f=f v=v t=t d=d th=T dh=D k=k g=g m=m n=n j=j l=l r=r ss=s s=s/z
z=s h=h
'a' and 'e' finally = @
'r' between vowels = 4
'sk' before e,i,ee,ii,ai = S
velar+alveolar fricative = K or K\
halo, migjan neemje iss Reilly. halo, neemje migjen iss Reilly.
hello, 1stposs. name be reilly. hello, name  1stgen. be reilly.
my name is reilly.
dhau skal gibje miir dje gatz-jan huuse-sja.
you shall give 1stdat. the cat-poss. house-plur.
give me the cat's houses.
asky gobjar dhiir migjan geeje sja.
3rdmix. gave 2nddat. 1stposs. key plur.
he/she gave you my keys.


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