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Re: A Conlang Pidgin Game

From:Rob Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Friday, December 13, 2002, 12:43
Joe Mondello wrote:
>I like it. Upon further inspection, the dublex list seems to have a lot of >concepts on it that I don't find too essential (why include 'disparagement' >when one could say 'say bad things about'), and seems in general better >suited to creating a full fledged language than a pidgin.
Maybe it is better to use the Swadesh list. My suggestion is: let's make up words (sourcers: our conlangs) to fill that list and use that as a start. From that point onwards let the pidgin grow. I like the methodology that Amanda proposed. Would that mean we have to use pictures? Or do we just use text, e.g.: (your looking at a pile of wood and you hear the words "......") Joseph Fatula wrote:
>> Well, it was just an example. I was trying to picture a frustrated merchant >> saying "I have wood! Do you want wood? wood, tree-stuff! you buy my wood, >> no? > >I'd imagine a whole lot of trade languages out there formed exactly this >way. By the way, I've actually got a language where the word for "wood" is >"tree-stuff". The whole language has relatively few roots, but is very big >on compounding. If it'd help, I could give you a list of which roots have >been most productive in forming new words. These might be good ones to have >if you want a language with few root words to learn that gradually develops >into something more.
Personally, I'd be very much interested. My conlang relays heavily on compounding. Besides that, I like Chinook Jargon that uses compounds a lot. Iroquian languages are known for 'compounding' too. On the other hand, part of the fun of creating this pidgin is to create such compounds yourself. Joseph, I would really love to have that list of roots. Could you mail it to me privately? Rob