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A Conlang Pidgin Game

From:Joe Mondello <joemond@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 11, 2002, 20:12
I'm looking for someone to play a conlang game with. The game would be played
through email by two people. First each person would choose one of their
conlangs (or make one up on the fly) and agree on an orthography that can
accomodate both players langs. After that, a list of about 100 key words would
be split down the middle, and each player would fill in their half of the list
with words from their language. When both players have the other's words the
game would begin. Each player would come up with a list of beween five and ten
sentences for translation and send it to the other. When translating, the
players would be required to stick to words that are on the list when possible.
If a new word is used, it is added onto the list. Each word may only have one
entry. Each player would attempt to adhere to their source language's grammar
as well as possible. It would probably help if each language lent itself to
compounding, and of course there are plenty other factors that would
facilitate/debilitate "play".

So how 'bout it, anyone interested?

Joe Mondello


Amanda Babcock <langs@...>