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first try at conlanging

From:erwan ar skoul <erwan.arskoul@...>
Date:Saturday, January 5, 2002, 19:10

I offer to your scrutiny a sample of the conlang I am developing. It is
called Lautôpaei and has a definite Polynesian look  with a strict V \
CV syllabic structure and very few consonants (p, f, t, v, l, h). Its
grammar is quite baroque, as it is OSV / RNA and is neither ergative nor
accusative but “active” (Martinet’s terminology), that is that it
distinguishes between “acting” and “acted upon”, the main question being
“who is at the origin of the action”.
The language is globally agglutinating and handles indirect complements
through verbal suffixes. Quite user-unfriendly, I am afraid (unless you
happen to have been brought up in a bilingual Tahitian-arawakan family
in a tagalog speaking district :-) J) but quite fun.

Here a translation of the Lord Prayer (the most basic text I have
found). The original is the Vulgate Latin.

Ve-mê vouâ-fae pêlihî loi meme. Êuha ve-mê noioepanê.  Manâ ve-mê
You(formal)-passive heaven-oblique be-dependent-inside. Name you-passive
make holy-imperative-perfect. Sacred power you-passive to
Hâ vouâ-fai ouoe leâi-fae lau ve-mê oepanê.
That way heaven-oblique so earth-oblique will you-passive to
Ouha nini te nea-mê nini-fae nea e-fae teivahaivohîpa
Food we(exclusive)of day-passive we(exclusive)-oblique day this-oblique
to give to give-to-inside-imperative
Oâvae-mê ê-lou nini-fae oemêlinê hâ e-mê nini-lou ê-fae aoîmaevateinê
Wrong-passive these-active we(exclusive) oblique to do-in
defavor-dependent-perfect, that way this-passive we(exclusive)-active
these-oblique to leave-away-in favor of-perfect
Ouoe  oe oâvae nini-mê ve-lou aoîmaevateipanê
So evil deed we(exclusive) you-active to leave-away-in favor of-perfect
Nini-mê ve-lou euhâmoo-fae auôluvahîpa
We(exclusive)-passive you-active temptation-oblique not-drive-in defavor
Auhei nini-mê ve-lou oâvae-fae hoûooetepanê
And we(exclusive) you-active evil-oblique

What do you think of it ?


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