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Re: first try at conlanging

From:Dan Jones <dan@...>
Date:Sunday, January 6, 2002, 16:33
erwan ar skoul escreva:
Salud ha degemer mat. Another Breton, I presume?
>I offer to your scrutiny a sample of the conlang I am developing. It is >called Lautôpaei and has a definite Polynesian look with a strict V \ >CV syllabic structure and very few consonants (p, f, t, v, l, h).
So there are no diphthongs, then? I suppose Lauto^paei is six syllables. What does it mean, exactly? I think it looks like a cool name. Could you tell us more about the phonology of your langfuage, the stress rule (if you have one) and so on?
>Here a translation of the Lord Prayer (the most basic text I have >found). The original is the Vulgate Latin.
How about the Babel Text, which is the "standard" for giving an extended samle of a conlang? Although, to be honest, I don't think I've ever translated the Babel text into any of my conlangs. <snip cool-looking sample>
>What do you think of it ?
I like it. Just one question- what do the circumflexes on the vowels stand for? Tone, length or similar? Dan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ semo la flamma, semo la casea semo la tuta, semo la cambea We are the spark, we are the flame We are the people, we are the change


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