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Re: Evolution WAS Re: Optimum number of symbols

From:Raymond Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Sunday, May 26, 2002, 19:01
At 11:08 pm -0400 25/5/02, Mike S. wrote:
>>- some earlier writing systems had expressed vowels long before the Greeks, >>e.g. Akkadian: >> v v >> | | = /a/ >> | v >> | | >> >> >-- >>>-->-- = /i/ >>>-->-- >> >>(ASCIIfied cuneiform!!) > >An independently developed technological improvement is still >a technological improvement. > >I am unsure of your point.
Quite simple: - where people need to express vowels, they do so and were doing so long before the Greeks adopted the Phoenician script. - the Greek use of vowels was no remarkble innovation; it happened serendipitiously, and any written form of Greek would have had to express vowels. [snip]
> >>I happen to think that nuclear power might be put to good use, e.g. in the >>generation of electricity. > >I have to say, although you strike me as a well learned person, your >continued insistence to conflate the Greek vowel and nuclear power >is the most risible thing I have seen in a long, long while.
I have never in my life conflated Greek vowels or, for that matter, any other vowels with nuclear power or any other sort of power. As Nik rightly says.. At 12:37 am -0400 26/5/02, Nik Taylor wrote: [snip]
>No one's trying to conflate them except you. This list has a tradition >of going off on a tangent. This bit about nuclear power et al. is one >of those tangents.
Indeed so. I was merely trying to correct a possible misunderstanding to the list _as a whole_ (since I do not like threads which turn into personal disputes) that an ealier remark of mine might have be interpreted as my meaning nuclear power per_se was "a bad thing" - that's all. *IT HAS NOTHING WHATEVER TO DO WITH VOWELS*. Is that clear enough? May I remind you that it was not I but you that conflated Greek vowels with technology, so please do not indulge in misrepesentation in order to mock. [snip]
> >Ah, now the bandwagon appeal--why am I not surprised?
I don't count two people as a bandwagon.
>I sense the opinion is divided here. I'm waiting to hear what Mathias >has to say on the matter.
But Mathias is French, not a Hebrew or Arabic speaker. I don't understand what you are getting at or insinsinuating. I am sorry that you have chosen to make this thread personal and indulge in sarcasm and mockery. I can see no gain in continuing this. Please consider this thread closed. Ray. ======================================================= Speech is _poiesis_ and human linguistic articulation is centrally creative. GEORGE STEINER. =======================================================


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