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Re: USAGE: Adrian's vowel disorder (was: RE: [i:]=[ij]? (was Re: Pronouncing "Boreanesia"))

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Sunday, November 5, 2000, 21:20
And Rosta wrote:
>Adrian Morgan wrote: >>Kristian Jensen wrote: >>>Adrian Morgan wrote: >>>>The biggest problem I have with the above is that you've got >>>>/u/ as a diphthong. Well, depending on what the previous >>>>consonant is, there might indeed be a neutral vowel ([@] >>>>AFAICT) emitted whilst the mouth moves from the consonant to >>>>the /u/. For a consonant like 'm' from which the lips must >>>>first move up before they move out, this is particularly >>>>likely. But fundamentally, the Australian /u/ is not a >>>>diphthong. >>> >>>Perhaps its a dialectal thing? I've always heard a diphthong there. >> >>Definately no diphthong. One thing worth mentioning: the more 'educated' >>the social dialect, the less prominent the transitional schwa >>that sometimes appears before certain vowels. In 'broad' Australian >>dialects, it's *very* prominent. >> >>For now, I'll accept: >> >>/u/ [y:]~[U:] > >If for you it's definitely not a diphthong, then my money'd be on >_moon_ having [u-], barred-u, central high round. [U:] is totally >wrong.
I have to agree with And here. [U:] simply cannot be correct. Long vowels in English are distinctively tensed, not laxed. I'd also put my money on [u-:] (with length, which I'm sure And only left out because he was emphasizing the quality not the quantity). -kristian- 8)