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Workshops Review No.2 '04

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Thursday, January 15, 2004, 17:01
REVIEW #2 Year 2004, the week from Jan 08 to Jan 14
NOTE: The names of [persons] while mentioned first, are given in square
brackets, those of ~conlangs~ -- in tildes.

Amerind Conlangs:
- 4 msg
[Nathaniel] joins the group and asks:
<<I want to start an Amerind conlang, (a posteriori), but I haven't decided on
inspirations yet. Where to start, what to do?>> Your advices will be welcomed.

- 1 msg: [Daniel Hicken] is looking for a Proto-Celtic grammar. Help the guy!

East Asian Conlangs:
- 3 msg. Chinese Golden Kingdom names on a parallel Earth.

- 13 msg
[Daniel Hicken] is working on a Gothic daughter conlang: discussing Gothic
The origins of the North Germanic postponed articles (-en and -et). Info on
ancient Germanic units of measurement esp. of distance are needed.


- 3 msg: Languid discussion on [Christian Thalmann]'s project ~Hombraian~

- 8 msg:
[Jan Regis] exposes us to Slavic runes for old ~Nashica~ written documents.
[Eritain] is looking for common Slavic roots resourses. Help the guy!
Some issues of ~Skuodian~ conhistory - does it fit IB?

silent since Nov 23, 2003 -- ppl, make some traffic, PLEASE!

West Asian Conlangs:
Burst of activity: 28 msg.
Spelling: [Pavel Adamek]'s ~Gedeh~ written in Hebrew, Latin and Native script;
[Isaac Penzev]'s ~Newgaritic~ written in Ethiopic syllabary.
How to mark gemination in Ethiopic script. Comparing gender of inanimate nouns
in Gedeh and Newagritic. Sound correspondences: from Proto-Semitic to Gedeh.
CHATS: Religion-free languages. Why Arabic dialects can't be written in Arabic

That's all for now,
Peace and grace upon you all,
    -- Isaac Penzev (aka Yitzik)


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I'm also reachable in any of the workshops listed above