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Current Language Miniature

From:James Worlton <jworlton@...>
Date:Thursday, January 15, 2004, 20:17
For those of you who may not know: William Shetter (don't know who he is BTW) has
a site where twice a month he posts a small essay on some aspect of language.
The current one (no. 128) may be of interest to some of you.
Go to: and click on the link for no. 128. He
should have included conlanging in his 'hands-on' suggestions, though.

On a related note:
My 6 year old son has surprised me recently by claiming to have made up a
language. He speaks in it now and then (it sounds a bit like Spanish, a
language he is interested in and which I have taught him a little). He says
something in his language and then says what it means in English. I doubt it
has much organized grammar or set lexical items, but it's fun to listen to him.
I suggested to him last night that he write his language down. We may have our
youngest member yet! (BTW, I don't think he knows that I create languages,
although he may--I'll have to ask. :-) )

James W.