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Who's in Ill Bethisad anyway? (fwd)

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Sunday, April 1, 2001, 13:23
Andrew asked me to forward this to the list, as he's
having some trouble with his new email address and
the listerver.

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Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 17:01:31 +1200
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Am 03/31 17:16  Padraic Brown yscrifef:

> Well, are they still part of Scotland? If so, then they > are now citizens of the Federated Kingdom (and hence at > the very vanguard of civilisation, enightenment, etc.) ;) > I have the feeling that the Shetlands are out of the way > enough that _most_ FK issues won't affect them, and certainly > very little of their history would affect the major themes > of FK history (with all due resepct, of course!). Now, if > they're able to get any helium out with their oil in the > North Sea, then of course the FK will be quite interested. >
That is working on the theory that the Kings of Scotland there was successful in wresting the North Sea Islands from the Norse. The Shetlands could be a Scandanavian Island Republic like Iceland, or Greenland (I think Greenland's independent of Denmark now, but I could be wrong), or even still an autonomous part of Denmark like the Faroes. A German Soundshift language should be made quite clear that it isn't Germanech. Germanech occurs because the Roman Empire and its coloniae extended further into Germania than occured *here*. That effects how history turns out. Rather than repeat that I would accept that a German tribe such as the Bayavari (sic) change from OHG to VL and still keep the same sound changes. Let's see if this get's through. - andrew. -- Andrew Smith, Intheologus Lent: Living in Borrowed Time ----- End forwarded message ----- [PS: I understand Germanech to be Rheimeier's Germanic-Romance conlang, as differentiated from Hailman's.] Padraic.


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