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Re: Who's in Ill Bethisad anyway? (fwd)

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Monday, April 2, 2001, 18:29
Dan Jones wrote:
> > Robert Hailman schreivu: > > > I get the "I haven't started building my site yet" page. Ook. > > Pfuzan! Which means I never finished writing the pages. I still have my > notes, though. > > > > Would this fit into Ill Bethisad? > > > > Maybe we could fit *both* our langs in Ill Bethisad. Y'know, side by > > side? Depending on where the two of them are spoken, we could pull it > > off. What say the authorities of Ill Bethisad? > > Hmm. Since basically what we're doing is two conlangs from the same source > with the same soundchanges, don't you think they'd end up quite similar? How > about doing a Kernu/Brithenig thing, i.e. our two languages are dialects of > each other? Jelbäzech could be spoken in west and central switzerland, and > yours could have south germany and the east of switzerland.
They would end up rather similar, yes. Anyways, I'd be willing to go along with that idea, it seems like the best way to work this out. Let's do it.
> If we do decide upon this, I can post my set of VL - J soundchanges on > romanceconlang-l. We can see how they'll look.
Hmm - that'd be good. I haven't finalized my sound changes yet, so when you get yours posted to romanceconlang-l, I'll see how they compare to what I have and we can take it from there. -- Robert