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New Orthography for slaleg ekryn

From:Matt Trinsic <trinsic@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 17, 2003, 17:16
I have gone ahead now and finally created a standard orthography for my
language. I had never considered it to be very important before, as its
not really a part of slaleg ekryn. Most of my written work was done in
the con-script. Now that I've joined this list though, it seems I am
typing the words a lot more, so I thought it was about time to come up
with some standard. The syllable template is a plain (C)V(C). Although
the language has a number of consonant clusters that are monophonemic
and only count as a single consonant.
The consonant <orthography> and their /phonemes/ are:
<kr> /kr/, <z> /z/, <fl> /fl/, <v> /v/, <th> /T/, <k> /k/, <f> /f/,
<n> /n/, <þ> /D/, <d> /d/, <t> /t/, <g> /g/, <tr> /tr/, <s> /s/,
<sl> /sl/,  <l> /l/

The vowels are a bit more complicated. There are only six of them, but
they each have two phonemes. All noun words use one set of phonemes,
while all verb words use the other set. Their <orthography> and /noun
phonemes/ /vowel phonemes/ are:
<u> /@`/ /3`/, <y> /i/ /e/, <i> /aI/ /V/, <o> /u/ /o/, <e> /I/ /E/,
<a> /{/ /O/

Because of this, the only difference between the word for food /flIt/
and the word for eaten /flEt/ is the how the vowel is pronounced. In the
con-script, this alteration is represented by a diacritical mark. In the
orthography, it will be represented by an apostrophe before the final
consonant of all verb words. For the times when a verb is used as a
subject or object, the verb is prepended with a <o>, while retaining the
verb vowel phonemes.



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