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Re: Words for relationships that don't have good analogues in English

From:Tim Smith <tim.langsmith@...>
Date:Monday, October 22, 2007, 15:39
Sai Emrys wrote:
> Tim - > > I'm going to have to absorb & respond to all that later (contentful, > me like!) but fyi I've crossposted it: > > > - Sai > >
I'm flattered. If anyone there wants to discuss this with me directly, please feel free to share my e-mail address with them. BTW, upon rereading what I posted, I realize that I made a couple of minor mistakes: 1. I was inconsistent in my tentative English translations of some of the Tirazdak kin terms (not in the terms themselves). In several places I said "house-sibling" when, to be consistent with the translations I'd used earlier, I should have said "demi-sibling". But hopefully it was clear from the context that those are synonymous. 2. In my congratulatory aside to you at the end, _xrin_ (the second-person dual nominative proclitic pronoun) should have been _xwin_, according to the latest changes in my still-far-from-finished draft grammar. I could pass this off as a dialectal difference, but I'm not sure that the speaker base (probably something like 50,000 people at most, all living on an island that's essentially one small city and its environs) is large enough or geographically spread out enough to support different dialects. (That brings up an interesting question. Does anybody have any idea of what it takes, in terms of population and/or geographic distribution and/or socioeconomic variation, for a language to have multiple dialects?) - Tim