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Words for relationships that don't have good analogues in English

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 17, 2007, 7:04
What words for relationships do you have in your conlang(s), or are
there in interesting other languages I might not know, that do not
have good analogues in normal English?

Please include etymology and as coherent an explanation/definition as
you can manage. I'd be especially interested in your reason(ing)s for
creating them.

I do specifically mean both what Ye Generic Western Culture would term
romantic/sexual relationships and non-.

Grammarwise, I mean both terms for the relationshipee (e.g. husband,
booty call, paramour, friend, brother-in-arms) and the relationship
per se (e.g. marriage, friendship with benefits, triad, intimate
network),  verbs (e.g. marry, handfast), feelings (e.g. compersion,
jealousy, love, limerence), and whatever other related terms may come
up; please feel free to interpret this prompt liberally. The only
restrictive bit is that I'd like to see as much in the way of
non-English-copying as possible.

If you've wanted to have a word for ___ but haven't quite figured it
out, include that too. ;)


- Sai

(Why do I ask? I'm in a new relationship [whee!], with a conlanger no
less, and we're talking meta about titling and the like. And available
terms not necessarily being well-matching. And naturally, we're
conlangers, so.... ;))


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