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Idiom Du Jour

From:Mia Soderquist <happycritter@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 17, 2007, 2:48
I like making up interesting idioms for my conlangs. I thought I would
share one that has emerged in Teliya Nevashi. I hope that other people
will come along and post an interesting "idiom du jour" from their own
languages, too.

So, here it is, in TN as-it-is:
Quit bothering me! ("Get out of my eyes!", or very literally, "Put you
away from my eyes!") Rogomishi det sulelat laz!
Put-away+IMP you+acc. eyes-dat. my
broken down into morphemes: Ro+gom+ishi de+t sul+el+at la+z
ro- = away (from)
gom = put
-ishi = imperative
de = you (2nd person singular)
-t = acc on pronoun
sul = eye
-el = dual
-at = that case that is going by "dative" in the current TN
documentation even though it has and continues to gain many mixed
uses... Yeah, I'll think about that and update the docs. Eventually. (-t
is accusative on pronouns and dative on nouns... I like that little wrinkle)
la= I (1st person singular)
-z= possessive (genitive for pronouns)

The general thought behind this is that someone is annoying you like
something in your eye would annoy you, and you'd like them to just stop.

Hmmmm....I suppose it could also be "Orogomishi sulelat laz!" (reflexive
imperative), but I'd have to make a new rule for that... I'll sleep on
it and probably write the rule in the morning.



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