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Re : Re: Re : Case, Innateness, Almost Allnoun, NGL.

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Date:Thursday, August 5, 1999, 12:11
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 05/08/99 10:11:42  , Jim a =E9crit :

> >From: Ed Heil <edheil@...> > >Subject: Re: Re : Case, Innateness, Almost Allnoun, NGL. > =20 > Well, thanks to both of you for commenting. It's a big surprise to me > how strongly you feel about it.
i do appreciate that you do not flame back to us. and i do not deserve Ed's help either. I was just exploring. I must have
> crossed some border without a visa.
i may be wrong but the fence of geometrical representation of language is still to be crossed over. whenever you feel like crossing it without a visa, please do it. IE natlangs and auxlangs often represent role mapping as spatial references. this is not to say that roles are spatial references and indeed they are not even represented that way in natlangs i know. X goes from Y to Z via W around V under T about K along G for R minutes is math and part of a role mapping called spatiotemporal. but language also reckons senses, ideas, creation, feelings, communications, participation to social events, etc. that IE often maps these on a handy spatiotemporal pattern does not turn them into space or time for the rest of the world. I'm out of here on this topic with
> you guys. > =20
please don't. you'll see we're not as bad once our stupid epidermic reaction against geometrical rendering of roles fades away. my first remark is : why do you say "speak about Y", while japanese say "speak reaching X" and indonesian say "speak concerning" and english also say "speak regarding" ? in other words, does "speech" come from, go round, round up, up-and-under, along and all over - "topic" ? a temptative answer is "topic of speech" is one of many primary roles quite independent from their various spatiotemporal representations. but the trendy answer is to ignore natlang mappings that do not fit the everything-is-location-and-vector-and-extent- -so-i-show-you-i-cram-it-all-in-my-computer theory. that's how possession is now a mere "location" for the only reason that many languages use a "Y is by X's place" or "to X is Y" tactics to render possession. japanese should then even consider existence, location and possession as only one concept ("aru"). this would nicely fit into charts and graphs and keep us away from thought and doubt. but i really think we should rather discuss about/of/from/with/into by private e-mails. it's no conlanging.
> Jerry >=20