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Emegali Verb Review

From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 21, 2003, 6:22
Qal (active): ilagal ‘rule’
Nip’al (passive): illagal ‘be ruled, serve’
Hip’il (causative): uSalgal ‘cause to rule, anoint’
Hitpa’el (intransitive/denominative): ‘be king’
Pi’el (pluralize/intensive): ‘rule for a long time’
S = singular
P = plural
M = masculine
F = feminine
C = common
3sm     ilagal
3sf     talagal
2sm     talagal
2sf     talagali:
1sc     alagal
3pm     ilagalu:
3pf     ilagala:
2pm     talagalu:
2pf     talagala:
1pc     nilagal
3sm     ilgul
3sf     talgul
2sm     talgul
2sf     talguli:
1sc     algul
3pm     ilgulu:
3pf     ilgula:
2pm     talgulu:
2pf     talgula:
1pc     nilgul
3sm     lagil
3sf     laglat
2sm     lagla:t
2sf     lagla:ti:
1sc     lagla:k
3pm     laglu
3pf     lagla:
2pm     lagla:tunu:
2pf     lagla:tina:
1pc     lagla:ni:
Sm      lugul
Sf      luguli:
Pm      lugulu:
Pf      lugula:
M       la:gilu
F       la:giltu

Nip’al (passive): ‘be ruled’
Telic           illagal
Atelic          illagil
Imperative      nalagil
Infinitive      nalagulu
Participle      mullagilu

Hip’il (causative): ‘cause to rule, anoint’
Telic           uSalgal
Atelic          uSalgil
Imperative      Sulgil
Infinitive      Sulgulu
Participle      muSulgilu

Hitpa’el (intransitive/denominative): ‘be king’
Telic           ultaggala/ulgaggala
Atelic          ultaggil/ulgaggil
Imperative      lutaggil/lugaggil
Infinitive      lutaggulu/lugaggulu
Participle      multaggilu/mulgaggilu

Pi’el (pluralizing/intensive): ‘reign for ever’ (often with a future sense
Telic           ulaggal
Atelic          ulaggil
Imperative      luggil
Infinitive      luggulu
Participle      mulaggilu
Ilgul lugal Emegalam. Illagil Emegalam mnu-lugal. Usalgil kalat lugal.
Ultaggil/ulgaggil lugal. Ulaggil lugal. Luggil lugal.
The king rules the Emegalim. The Emegalim are ruled by the king. The land
anointed the king. The king is king. The king (shall) reign for a long time.
Long live the king!

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