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Re: CHAT: Trial of the century?

From:Josh Roth <fuscian@...>
Date:Monday, January 18, 1999, 0:03
In a message dated 1/16/99 12:48:57 AM, vardi@ACTCOM.CO.IL writes:

>Has anyone else noticed a dramatic reduction in flow on the list over >the last few days?
Yes. But I'm not complaining.
>Could it be that the American participants (and others) are glued to the >televison watching the bizarre events from Washington DC?
Well, I couldn't care less about what goes on there.
>Perhaps we could each offer our conlang versions of the following:
In Eloshtan (negativity is shown by doubling the first vowel):
>1. I didn't inhale.
Vilti klac ruuqofomt. Inside to(it) negative.breather.I[past]
>2. My own infidelity is quite a different matter.
Tem cuuharapconyo melev lomo cafoluuc. My very different matter.[adjectivalverbthingy].is
>3. Cigars are for putting in your mouth.
Cegrek ctrelef lliilefuuck cafonto tell vilti klarr. Cigars to.put mouth its(4thperson) inside to(5thperson).
>To get the ball rolling (in Tesk): >*1. 'k heef niet itnafst nie. >*2. men' ee^ne nemaminereina xeel sjonder sjaj is. >*3. sigaren isjete thiman mwaad. > > > Shaul