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Re: CHAT: Trial of the century?

From:John Fisher <john@...>
Date:Sunday, January 17, 1999, 1:17
In message <36A02757.56B8@...>, vardi <vardi@...>

>Could it be that the American participants (and others) are glued to the >televison watching the bizarre events from Washington DC?
I suppose it's just about possible...
> >Perhaps we could each offer our conlang versions of the following: > >1. I didn't inhale. >2. My own infidelity is quite a different matter. >3. Cigars are for putting in your mouth.
Oh dear. I haven't got a word for inhale. How about: In do va asufa la orlew I not PAST smoke PERFECTIVE in-to-ADVERBIAL "I didn't smoke right down inside" Inye penna do-combilsu eti docwa frenu telva My own un-faithful-ness is zero-ADVERBIAL same-kind matter (Though this is an odd use of "combil", perhaps "ascwaye do-lafrocsu" (lustful inconstancy) would be better) Tsiga yorda, pe-topa yascorlew Cigar EMBED-is-for PASSIVE-put mouth-in-to-ADVERBIAL "Cigar is for this: being put into the mouth" To which I would add: Anot yenald chon parl do-orpavwa The whole of humanity stares in disbelief -- John Fisher Elet Anta website: Drummond ro cleshfan merec; fanye litoc, inye litoc