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How big

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 29, 2002, 20:00
As I was planning some changes to Sturnan, I wondered something. Sturnan
isn't a nimble little dancer of a language anymore; she (well, my
preference is toward women, so she isn't a he) is getting a bit plump,
though for the best.

How big is too big to change? Sturnan has 1100 words (thank you, Aidan,
because without you, it would be 150 words lighter) and perhaps five
pages of grammar when I condense it. There are between twenty and thirty
pages of text in Sturnan, much of it horribly outdated. (I've probably
done forty pages, though not all survives.)

The three questions, therefore, are:
What is the ratio between size and morphability?
How large were your languages when you instituted the last major change?
and What word(s) should I deform / combine to make the word "simple"?

(The main change I was planning was to add two letters, z /Z/ and y /j/,
which would really be separating the /g/ allophones and the /i/
allophones, unless I should use |'s. I was also considering retranslating
the corpus and perhaps doing a few grammatical modifications.)


disorei -- dusela gith tarthana -- parha selpa tanimi run ak kweit gith
gelos, selpa ak runit.
Taiv kalini parha hep gith tarthana eiko
tuk elmasok telira, <gedaloran@...>, huri a tar masokel. Elnas thimaguk masok hur len duselei a parha, ak kies nedhalei a
faltom dalkainel gith eru (sa a isomet "Di:" disothel asag mita) fus,
len a mendh pelse, hesomei a faltom:
dusel 749097
SIMPLY thimagei disoth huri fe masok tral talag hep man elmaso
teruvi, dain lar falne nedhalan a mendh pelse len a puro elos.
Lai nai bansuk otarthanei huri a tar, uswidei fe masok. Thimagei
parakai huri
(Good luck parsing that, because you'll need it.)


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