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Re: A new version of Genesis

From:Danny Wier <dawiertx@...>
Date:Saturday, June 12, 2004, 2:10
From: "Philippe Caquant" <herodote92@...>

> I decided to translate the Bible into my personal > conlang, "Fruski", which is, as the name suggests, an > horrible mixture of French and Russian. > > I haven't quite finished yet; anyhow, here are the > first four days in Genesis (1.1 to 1.19). I had to > drop the accents, but they will exist in Fruski, of > course, just like in French. > > ----------------------------------------------------- > > Au natchagne, Bogue crea le niebe et la ziemle. Or la > ziemle etait deserte et pouste, les tiemnotes > couvraient l'abime; et le vietiere de Bogue planait a > la surface des vodies.
That reminds me of a conlang project I started in 1997 but never finished: Chernorussian (Black Russian). A mix of Russian, Polish, German and French; maybe it was someting else. It had front rounded vowels and nasal vowels, and a lot of Germanic and Romance loanwords, more so than Russian. I remember one verb, _parlat'_ 'to say/speak' instead of _govorit'_.