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Re: Examples

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Thursday, February 24, 2000, 3:04
"Nik Taylor" <fortytwo@...> said:
> Muke Tever wrote: > > In Jadúno... ("spanish" orthography, û is a long-duration u, accent
marks do
> > not indicate stress accent) > > Then what do they mean?
They mean the second form of the stem is being used, e.g. doani/dúno "tongue, language", orullo/wérolli "arm", Oraso/Wérso "Venus", etc. Actually it indicates where the stress was on the parent language's word. Most words have two forms, with some exceptions like lleda "to scatter", fed "foot"... I probably won't use the third form, as it's complicated enough for me already. (Oraso/Wérso, having irregular stress in the original, ought have a third form *Uraso...) There are regular [I hope] rules for which is used, which I have not taken the time to *fully* work out yet; they have to do with affixes... I haven't the faintest idea how the actual, current stress works yet. (And I'm not too sure about û either--I only discovered it might be there a night or two ago.) I meant to delete that email before it sent, but apparently I forgot. ;p Ah well. It was late at night, and I made at least one mistake (it's not mencherso, it's mentráso... see what I mean?) *Muke!