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Re: YAEDT (was Re: "write him" (was Re: More questions))

From:Garth Wallace <gwalla@...>
Date:Friday, November 28, 2003, 22:46
phild wrote:
> Stephen Mulraney wrote: > >>_pot_: I mean a "saucepan" (a word I can't bring myself to use - it's >>like saying _spikespoon_ for _fork_). Sometimes understood. Thanks to >>context, I've never had it taken as a reference to marijuana. But I'm >>surprised it misunderstood at all. > > A "pan" or "saucepan" has low sides. A "pot" has tall sides. A "pot" is > also the container for houseplants. Sometimes children refer to a "pail" > as a "pot."
Among cooks I know, the distinction between pot and pan isn't made based on the sides, but on the handles: one with two handles (usually each handle connected at two points like a teacup's handle, but in the horizontal plane) is a pot, one with a single handle (usually connected at one point and sticking out straight) is a pan. It's a little loose: pieces of cooking equipment that look like frying pans but have an additional smaller pot-like handle opposite the pan-like handle are usually still called pans. An item with two handles like a pot but very low sides is usually called a griddle. Cooking-equipment catalogs I've seen seem to back this up.