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Re: Phonology question

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Saturday, August 7, 2004, 16:08
Caleb Hines wrote:
> Are there many (or even any) natlangs which lack any liquids (such as r > and > l)? Would it be very plausible for a language to develop without liquids? > For example, I believe I've heard that nasals are almost universal. >
One of my favorites-- Atoni (~Dawan, Timorese) of W. Timor-- is _almost_ an example. *n, *l and **r (from many sources) have all merged > /n/. The spoiler is that the language also has /l/, of very uncertain origin. (It seems to replace /r/ in recent loans, but beyond that it's an historical the moment.) There is a wordlist at if anyone is interested.