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Re: Gender Neutral Names, was Sally back,and conlang survey part 1 and 2

From:Sylvia Sotomayor <kelen@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 11, 2002, 0:23
On Tuesday 10 December 2002 16:13, Nik Taylor wrote:
> Joseph Fatula wrote: > > I don't know about all of you, but the term "fireman" clearly > > indicates someone who puts out fires > > "Fire-fighter" is the PC term.
Yep. Firefighters put out fires. Firemen stoke the engines of old locomotives. :-) [OK, my dad is a train nut & it runs in the family.] -Sylvia -- Sylvia Sotomayor The Kélen language can be found at: This post may contain the following characters: á (a-acute); é (e-acute); í (i-acute); ó (o-acute); ú (u-acute); ñ (n-tilde);