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Two introductions

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 14, 2003, 13:43
 --- "Mark J. Reed" skrzypszy:

> I just sort of jumped in here and started posting to the list > recently without introducing myself, so I thought I'd correct > that bit of rudeness on my part.
Welcome to the List! --- James Worlton skrzypszy:
> It's probably about time to officially introduce > myself.
Hm, I must have missed your original intro. Anyways, welcome to you too!
> Professionally, I ... well, no, none yet. I just > successfully defended and submitted my doctoral > dissertation (in music composition), but do not have > "regular" employment yet. My idea is to be a professor > of composition and theory somewhere.
Ha, another composer! You will probably notice sooner or later that you are not the only one here. Composers (amateur or prof) seem to be well-represented in conlang land. A month or two ago, we had a lengthy thread about the subject.
> Hopefully Orêlynnâ will soon be advanced enough to participate > in the weekly vocabularies, relays, and so forth.
I hope so too!
> Time flies like an arrow. > Fruit flies like a banana. > -Unknown
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