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I need an artist ::: and articles

From:Rhialto <rhialto@...>
Date:Monday, January 18, 1999, 17:36
First, I thought I might share my system for articles with y'all.

.       sing  plur
a       -     xe
the     ja    yi
emph    jaja  yiyi

special n/a   lamba

Plural articles are needed, as the nouns are not themselves inflected for
number. The emphatic row is used to translate 'itself' or 'very', as in 'the
gods themselves' -> 'yiyi dai'.

A separate word is used for 'generic plurals'. 'Do bears crap in the
woods?' -> 'lamba kuuma fekor y xe silki iniq?' 'lamba' means 'the
concept/species of'. There are two question words in Demua. 'iniq' is used
here instead of the more neutral 'ee', as strong agreement is expected.
'silki' means 'a tree', but the 'xe' in front of it changes it to 'some
trees', or more naturally, 'a forest'.



I need an artist to help me design an alphabet, as all I know about art
packages can comfortably fit on the tip of a pin.

heres the character set in question:

Series 1: Stops and nasals use the same set of characters,
but use diacritics to distinguish between voiced/unvoiced/nasal.

K G Ng

Series 2: Fricatives and Affricatives use
the voicing accent found in stops.

Q J (Q is a ch, or glottal stop if at end of word)
X   (X is a sh)

Series 3: Semi vowels and liquids use unique forms.


There are 11 unique consonant letter forms, with 2 diacritics
(nasalisation and vocalisation diacritics). X and H do not
have a diacritic. A total of 20 forms exist

a   e  i  o  u
ar  er    or
aj  ej    oj
au  ee ii oo uu

Characters consist of one of 5 basic letters with each
row on the grid above having a different accent.
There are 5 basic vowel gylphs, with 3 accents, summing
a total of 16 unique gylphs. Altogether, 36 unique
gylphs exist in Demua.

The vowel gylphs should ideally be very obviously different
from the consonant gylphs, but they will be using the same accents.

If there are any helpful and artistically gifted individuals out there,
please tell me. I can't offer much but my gratitude unfortunately but.


Random thought: What kind of a Conlinguini creates a conlang
in which his own netname cannot be pronounced?

Life is a state of mind.
So stop thinking dirty thoughts!