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Re: I need an artist ::: and articles

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Monday, January 18, 1999, 21:25
On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Rhialto wrote:

>First, I thought I might share my system for articles with y'all.
/mercilessly cut/ Nice
>------------------------------ >I need an artist to help me design an alphabet, as all I know about art >packages can comfortably fit on the tip of a pin.
Art packages as in Computerized Art, grapcics programs? If not, all you need is a pencil, lotsa paper and enormous amounts of patience and drive :) Pencil is much preferable I think, when something usable has been worked out I sketch the alphabet with a black pen and scan it in, or fire up some drawing-prog and jot in pixel by pixel, which is a bit harder to do and gives an edgy look.
>heres the character set in question:
/snipped where no comments made/
>consonants >---------- >Series 1: Stops and nasals use the same set of characters, >but use diacritics to distinguish between voiced/unvoiced/nasal. > >P B M >T D N >K G Ng
Since v/uv/n is marked by diacritics, the place of articulation 'stem' for the stops should be very dissimilar from eachother.
>Series 2: Fricatives and Affricatives use >the voicing accent found in stops. > >F V >Q J (Q is a ch, or glottal stop if at end of word) >S Z >X (X is a sh) >H
H as in horse? Q as in german Bach or english church? The X can be thought of as an S pronounced further back in the mouth, so maybe make that 'un a variant of S, or S + diacritic meaning "p. of a. further back in mouth"? That'll make things more flexible if you decide to add more 'backed' sounds. Btw, is the X retroflex or merely postalveolar? That is, does the tounge-tip point upwards (so that the air flows by the underside of the tongue), or not? Just curious.
>There are 11 unique consonant letter forms, with 2 diacritics >(nasalisation and vocalisation diacritics). X and H do not >have a diacritic. A total of 20 forms exist
So 'unvoiced' has no diacritic?
>vowels >------ >a e i o u >ar er or >aj ej oj >au ee ii oo uu
The two lowest rows... are they diphthongs or geminates? And the second row... rhoticized? If you have long vowels, the diacritic marking length can be used to mark geminate vowels as well, if you should add such later. tal.