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Prithmahler Len Maltha?

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 27, 2006, 14:45
There seem to be several pages of text in this conlang [?] with no
explanation or links to any explanation in other languages.
Some while ago someone added this link to the Wikipedia "Constructed language"

This page has a 5600-word text in the language, and nothing else.
Doing a frequency analysis and then Googling for some of the
most common words finds these other pages:

Checking Wikipedia for User:Maintenance's history of contributions
also reveals (besides normal article edits) these other user subpages in
this language - or perhaps another, since the frequencies of common
words seem to be different:

Two of the most common words seem to also be Quenya words,
but the text as a whole doesn't look like Quenya (but I'm not very
knowledgable about Quenya).

This is a partial frequency analysis of the text at the page listed first above.

100.0000%	5651	[TOTAL WORDS]
 5.9459%	336	hlar
 5.9282%	335	nar
 5.4327%	307	immeh
 5.2911%	299	yn
 4.9549%	280	yneth
 2.0527%	116	unel
 2.0350%	115	emi
 1.8935%	107	unin
 1.8758%	106	omi
 0.7963%	45	geh
 0.7255%	41	geth
 0.7078%	40	le
 0.6194%	35	hadth
 0.5840%	33	her
 0.5663%	32	halk
 0.4778%	27	gesh
 0.4778%	27	gweh

Any ideas?

Jim Henry


Eugene Oh <un.doing@...>