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[wEr\ Ar\ ju: fr6m] ?

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 7, 2001, 4:00
For those of us who are borrowing place names from what the people who live
there call them (which I might still do for Ludiréo, although probably not
for Tirèlhat), I thought it might be cool to make a list of phonetic
transcriptions of the home towns of Conlang list members. Feel free to
include the names of nearby places.

City: Ann Arbor [{n"Ar\br\=]
County: Washtenaw ["wQSt@nQ:]
State: Michigan ["mISIg@n]
Country: USA [ju:Es"eI] (a.k.a. America [@"mEr\Ik@], United States
[ju"nAI4@d "steIts], US [ju:"Es])

Major nearby cities: Detroit [dI"t_hr\OIt], Toledo [t_h@"li:doU]
Other nearby places: Ypsilanti [IpsI"l{~4i], Saline [s@"li:n]

Disclaimer: Although born in Michigan, I've lived in Kentucky, New
Hampshire, and Texas. I can't guarantee that these are exactly the native
pronunciations of these places. But I'm sure they're pretty close.

Note that the sound I've symbolized [r\] is probably a bit rounded,
velarized, and a bit retroflex -- I'm not entirely sure how I pronounce it,
but it's a typical "American r" sound. The vowel [r\=] is practically the
same sound, only longer and maybe a bit lower.

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