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Re: Serif vs. sans serif

From:Don Blaheta <dpb@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 27, 1999, 22:20
Quoth Daniel A. Wier:
> Hebrew doesn't really need serifs, unless it's out to directly imitate a > Western-like face (similar in fashion to a lot of Latin-alphabet fonts > designed to resemble Devanagari, or something like that). The design, I've > heard, is intended to represent little flames, referring to the 'fire' of > the Holy Spirit, Who inspired the recording of Scripture. But that claim > came from a certain Christian (and very Gentile) pastor. > > Come to think of it, you do have in traditional Jewish square script, those > little 'serifs' that turn up in the upper left corner of the symbol. What > are they called in Hebrew anyways?
Tagin. That was the version I was talking about, but I had forgotten about them.
> One last thing -- I just happen to have a serifed Devanagari font, called > Shivaji02 or something like that. Forgot where I got it, but Dr. Berlin has > just about everything as long as it's free-/shareware. (My last post has > the URL.)
Hm, I'll have to check that out... -- -=-Don<>-=- Bureaucrat, n.: A politician who has tenure.