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CHAT: More OT stuff on Linux... the Cool OS (Re: Re: CHAT: Re: Summary, web based mailinglist archives

From:Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 26, 1999, 16:40
 Charles <catty@...>
>Paul Bennett wrote: > >> KDE is still in 6.x? I (mis)read somewhere that it had gone completely
> >Has both, I haven't sorted it out yet. >
Indeed, the Gnomy interface is pretty slick... KDE is soooo easy too!
>> Well, if HatRed can do "all this, and more", I think I'll have to follow
>> crowd and go get it. >
Proceed to your nearest vendor ;-)))
>I started with Slackware, changed to RH ...[...]
I started with the bits and then the packaged Slackware... moved on to RedHat... then Turbo Linux, Debian, and Caldera with StarOffice apps in as a freebie for personal use... RedHat 6.0 with StarOffice finally and now behold... there's an even newer version at Staples with WordPerfect suite included... my my my can't wait till payday! :-)))
I would suggest going with WinLinux for newbies and if not then the Caldera with KDE... a little more fancy still is the RedHat flavor with more goodies and Gnome Gui (Xwindow) front end. I dual boot... actually quintuple boot :-) thanks to the System Commander shell... thank you very much, lilo... too and it co-exists with NT... Planning on trying out the new Release Candidate 2 that just came out... and setting time aside to re do the machine once Microsoft makes a mess of things so if I'm missing from Conlang for a while you'll know why :-))) Since, Jay B.