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Re: imagining language(s)

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Saturday, May 6, 2000, 17:18
In response to what Ray Brown wrote:

>>running with pclark's idea: >> imagine if = >> 1. - the militantly democratic Greeks defeated the imperialistic >>Romans > >Umm - you'd first have to change Greek history to get your militantly >democratic Greeks. >
that is what I was stating - imagine an ancient militantly Greek democracy. (I was a little ambigous I guess) =)
>Now if the Carthaginians had won the 'Punic Wars', things would have _very_ >different. Latin would have developed no literary form and fallen into >oblivion together with the Roman alphabet. <SNIP> Would the Phoenicians/ >Carthaginians have had the same high regard for the Greeks as the Romans
did? >I think it less likely. And what if the hearts, minds & military might of Rome had backed Greece (in another words, after Greece took over Rome, the Romans became "equal partners" in spreading a Greco-Roman democracy)? <ok, I am making this as though Greece was like some weird proto-USA> ;) Just imagining... zHANg