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If you call me crazy again...

From:Daniel Andreasson <rymddaniel@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 24, 2001, 11:46
I wrote:

> > "Eneiss te ni ymeth, mathow ni i en ddeun tew."
Gah! Did I write this?! The 2SG pronoun is _che_ and not _te_. _Te_ is 3PL. Plus I think it looks really weird with the subjunctive verb _eneiss_ in a non-finite form without any finite verbs. I suppose a better version might be: "Neg che lleil in eneissidd ni ymeth, madow ni i en ddeun chew." neg che lleil in eneissidd ni ymeth, be:PRS:IRR 2SG FUT at call:INF 1SG crazy 'If you (will) call me crazy again' mad-ow ni i en ddeun chew eat-FUT:CERT 1SG the eye other 2SG:POSS 'I will eat your other eye (no doubt about it).' IRR = irrealis FUT:CERT = future certaintive (give me a better name!) which means that something really will take place as opposed to the future intentive which merely means that you intend to do something, not that it actually is going to happen. I'm still very unsure about the subjunctive/irrealis form. The prepositions are all messed up in my mind so _in_ 'at' might actually be _an_ or _sen_... Pronunciation (note that {u} is [i] or [j]): [nEg xe: KEjl in EnEj'si:D ni: @'mET ma'dOw ni: i En DEjn xEw] And then Aidan Grey wrote:
>And its sister lang, Aelya: > >"E eneiss che en abhog, maudo ne i ch'en ech eil!" >/e: enejs xe en a:vog mawdo ne @ xe:n ex ejl/ > >E en-eiss che en abhog >if re-name:SUBJ you:SUBJ I:OBJ crazy > >maudo ne i ch'en ech eil! >eat:FUT I:subj art eye you:GEN other
Where did you get the _e_ 'if' from? And how did you get _eil_ 'other'? I took C. _neun_ from Q. _neuna_ 'second' since there already is another word for 'second' in Quenya. (In Swedish, 'other' and 'second' is actually the same word.) ||| daniel _________________________________________________________________ Hämta MSN Explorer kostnadsfritt på


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