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Another unknown language

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Sunday, July 31, 2005, 5:39
Carsten Becker wrote:


Absolutely no idea what this language could be. I focused on the refrain
  that sounds to start with [azuliga] or something not very far.

I put Google on the track and I found...

Sorry, not the name of the language. I found a bunch of pages with an
also unknown language. I tried various words from the page into Google
which lead me to other pages from the same domain. For example:

The language has V or CV syllables with a consonant coda only at the end
of a word. There are absolutely no cluster but a digraphic "th". The
alphabet contains only the 26 basic letters. There are no capital
letters except at the begining a the sentence and in the word "I". I
also just realized that there is no other punctuation than full stops.

4 random sentences from random pages:

/In of ijibec atis I the exek a iqu a yozo cuv imogof uzip./

/Aof juc a uwave a yirel a aba quco kok./

/Athe fikas ur the ide of vipava ri natifi lusi the the the a bekiro of
gin a ud./

(The "the" reduplicated 3 times isn't a mistake. I have also seen it
reduplicated only twice or used alone.)

/Iji the tiwo dejuf aq the upaz the I of of ah./

(I found another reduplication.)

The pages look all the same and there isn't a single image to give a
clue about what they tell. The ads are in English and lead to sites in
English. No use.

A research on the copyright reports 301000 pages! All in the same domain (apparently, because I didn't check). No use.

No idea, at all...

Remi Villatel


Patrick Littell <puchitao@...>