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Re: Another unknown language

From:Patrick Littell <puchitao@...>
Date:Sunday, July 31, 2005, 7:26
It's just nonsense, randomly generated, and put there to trap googlers. 
Especially googlers cuz all the pages reference one another. Try googling on 
some of the common words, like othe ethe athe. You'll find yourself back at 
rankorder. (Actually, I think you can find those three in Xhosa, but 
rankorder's not in Xhosa.)

I mean, it's possible that there's a language only represented by one site, 
full of 301000 pretty much identical pages, and that has the common 
sequences "the the the" and "of of of". But it's not one I'll take much time 

On 7/31/05, Remi Villatel <maxilys@...> wrote:
> > Carsten Becker wrote: > > >> > > Absolutely no idea what this language could be. I focused on the refrain > that sounds to start with [azuliga] or something not very far. > > I put Google on the track and I found... > > Sorry, not the name of the language. I found a bunch of pages with an > also unknown language. I tried various words from the page into Google > which lead me to other pages from the same domain. For example: > > > > The language has V or CV syllables with a consonant coda only at the end > of a word. There are absolutely no cluster but a digraphic "th". The > alphabet contains only the 26 basic letters. There are no capital > letters except at the begining a the sentence and in the word "I". I > also just realized that there is no other punctuation than full stops. > > 4 random sentences from random pages: > > /In of ijibec atis I the exek a iqu a yozo cuv imogof uzip./ > > /Aof juc a uwave a yirel a aba quco kok./ > > /Athe fikas ur the ide of vipava ri natifi lusi the the the a bekiro of > gin a ud./ > > (The "the" reduplicated 3 times isn't a mistake. I have also seen it > reduplicated only twice or used alone.) > > /Iji the tiwo dejuf aq the upaz the I of of ah./ > > (I found another reduplication.) > > The pages look all the same and there isn't a single image to give a > clue about what they tell. The ads are in English and lead to sites in > English. No use. > > A research on the copyright reports 301000 pages! All in the same > <> domain (apparently, because I didn't > check). No use. > > No idea, at all... > > -- > ================== > Remi Villatel > > ================== >
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