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Major update of gjax-zym-byn

From:Jim Henry <jacklongshadow@...>
Date:Sunday, July 31, 2005, 4:26
I've just done a major update of the web site for gjax-zym-byn,
my personalang.  Since this involved doing an automated conversion
from the old plain-text versions of the grammar documents
(with an admittedly ugly ASCII transcription of the gjax-zym-byn
orthography) to Unicode HTML, and then trying to proof them
for problems caused by bugs in the
conversion script, I'd be grateful if you let me know
about any problems you see with it.  (I've fixed several places
where the correction for the gjax-zym-byn letters transcribed
as "ix", "ox", etc messed up English words like "box" and "six"
but I suspect I missed some; my eyes glaze over after a
few hours of this.)

Actual updates to the language description include:

1. Far more detail about question-formation

2. Addition of another postposition series in -l (through)

3. Cleaning up the inconsistent glossing by applying
the Leipzig Glossing Rules throughout

4. Finally described how to form relative clauses
(I'm not sure why it's taken me so long.  I've only been
working on the language for seven years.  For some
reason I found this part very tricky.)

5. More sample sentences, especially in sections
that had none

The lexicon, the sample texts and the basic lessons still need
to be converted to Unicode and HTML.  I'll try to get to
them in the next few weeks.  The basic lessons,
in particular, also need to be updated for changes in
the grammar over the 2-3 years since I last worked on them.

Jim Henry