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whistle-talk (was: My new conlang)

From:Anton Sherwood <bronto@...>
Date:Thursday, December 13, 2001, 8:14
Christophe Grandsire :
>> Aren't there a few languages (Amerindian, African?) >> that use whistles as phonemes or phones?
Adam Walker wrote:
> The closest I've been able to find is a couple of "codes" one used > for Spanish in the Canaries and one used by one of the Zapotec(???) > langs in Mexico which are whistled versions of the standard tongue > used for long distance communication.
I wonder ... The African `talking' drums mimic the tones of spoken language, not the phonemes; this requires elaborate periphrastic formulae to reduce ambiguity. Whistling has more symbols to choose from, but I can't imagine enough distinguishable whistles to encode the entire Spanish phoneme set. Does Canarian whistling also use a special vocabulary, or am I merely insufficiently imaginative? -- Anton Sherwood --


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