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Re: Translations: work slogans (was Re: Which language is this? (once again))

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Monday, February 6, 2006, 0:20
Paul Bennett wrote:

> Discover life.
/söje söle rayhça keo'rja./ söje söle rayhça keo 'rja. GNR EQUA life IMP:RTR=2SG = Experiment life. I guessed this sentence had nothing to do with the idea of discovering life on another planet. ;-)
> None of us is a strong as all of us.
/çake sule kliçu tiyö'ski-çaki./ çake sule kliçu tiyö 'ski-çaki. 1PE.PROPR EQUA strength IND:ATMP=ANUM=1PE The pronouns are collective plural so a literal translation can be: = No-one amongst our group possesses the strength of our (whole) group.
> I don't know, I only work here.
In a twisted way: /keja suku göko kebis ; ska jeo sule viflij./ keja suku göko kebis 1SG.POSS here only work ska jeo sule viflij ANUM IMPL:RTR EQUA knowledge = Here (is) only my work (place), (there is) no consecutive knowledge (from this fact). Interlinear lexicon: 1SG = I 2SG = thou (SinGular "you") 1PE = we (collective Plural Exclusive) ANUM = ANUMeral (quantifier: zero in number or quantity) ATMP = ATeMPoral (tense) EQUA = EQUAtive (particle) IMP = IMPerative (Mode) IMPL = IMPLicative (Mode expressing a consequence) IND = INDicative (Mode) POSS = POSSessive (alienable possession) PROPR = PROPRietive (inalienable possession) RTR = ReTRospective (tense) UNQ = UNQuantitative (quantifier: some in quantity, not plural) /kejo zulhfa lul, xe kulavo tö'kja./ [kejo: zu5.fa 4u4] [Ze: ku4avo tO:'kja] = It will be good to be back. -- ================== Remi Villatel ==================