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From:J.A. Mills <xenolingua@...>
Date:Friday, October 2, 1998, 1:13
In a message dated 10/1/98 3:13:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
raybrown@CLARA.CO.UK writes:

<< >Perhaps a 364-day (exactly 52 weeks) calendar, with one or two extra
 >days that don't belong to any week?  I've seen proposals like that, thus
 >"December 31" would not have a day of the week.  December 30 would be
 >Saturday, and January 1 would be Sunday (or whatever).

 Yes, indeed, I've come across two proposals for that sort of calendar.  And
 Vatican II stated that such a scheme would be acceptable as long the 7-day
 week were kept for the 364 days.

 In all these fine schemes, the 7-day week gets overlooked.  Whatever is
 planned, I cannot imagine for one moment that Jews, Muslim or Christians
 will abandon that measurement of time.

 Ray >>

Why is that an issue?  The world has abandoned Latin as a "modern language".
European church leaders use the metric system, even though that system is not
to be found in the bible, the torah, the koran, etc.  Don't try to make
customary practice of timekeeping an obstacle to reform.  And how fair is it
to base our calendar (ours = the West) on the A.D.-B.C. division.  Why not
shoot for the beginnings of the historical record-keeping and count from

Nobody's satisfactorily answered my question yet.  Why doesn't a "metric" time
system even exist?  Is it because nobody can do the math?