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word choice process (was: Announcement Follow-up)

From:Wade, Guy <guy.wade@...>
Date:Friday, August 3, 2001, 20:09
Very interesting.  How did you come to choose those words?  For that matter,
how does anyone choose their words?  For me, I try to associate a feeling
with the word, though I guess in 'real life,' it may be the other way
around, I don't know.  In Canotaea, 'morning' is iánna (similar to your
iáwós!) because I imagined the first speakers of the language uttering those
sounds in wonder (ObTolkienInfluence, I seem to remember the elves doing the
same thing when they first awoke, correct me if I'm wrong).

> > I marked out a lot of Hadwan emotion words a while back... > these are closest > to happiness: > > bioiós /BjU"ju:s/ > Closer to "satisfaction", really... the enjoyment you get > from having > done something right. > > iáwós /jQ:"wu:s/ > Don't know any word for this... probably "awe" or "wonder".. > prototypically it's the feeling of having experienced a miracle. > > hilashá /hIlA"SQ:/ > Happiness, but closer to 'contentment' -- being free of want. > > hmíiá /xmi:"jQ:/ > Literally "laughter". > > cirfós /tsIr"p\u:s/ > Delight or pleasure... > > (Half these words end in -ós, stem -ir-, which is a productive ending > something like English -ness... I think verb forms are more > likely to be > used for those.) > > *Muke! >


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